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“Minor” Plumbing Leaks? Major Problems!

sunny-plumber-vanEvery now and then, we’ll get a call from a customer who has a serious problem. And they’ll tell us that it all started with what seemed like a “minor” leak. And that’s why we want to remind you that there is really no such thing as a “minor” plumbing leak. At least, there’s no such thing as a plumbing leak that is minor enough to ignore. If you fail to deal with your plumbing leaks, trouble is coming.

Does this mean that all plumbing leaks are emergencies? No, of course not. There are obviously some plumbing leaks that are more serious than others. But that doesn’t change the fact that any plumbing leak is going to have negative consequences. It may not warrant a call for 24/7 emergency services, but you do want to deal with your plumbing leaks in a timely manner. Why? Well, that’s what we’re here to cover today. Schedule your plumbing repairs in Phoenix with us!

A Little Waste Over a Long Period…

…is no longer a little waste. Seriously, whether it’s a tub faucet that always trickles, a toilet that runs way too much, or a kitchen faucet that just drips a little, you are wasting water. If you want to collect your tub’s or sink’s dripping water in a bucket for use later on, hey—points for creativity.

If you want a real solution to the problem, though, you need to hire a professional plumber. These types of problems wind up being costly over time, and it’s really a simple fix for a professional like us. Don’t tolerate waste just because it’s, ahem, minor waste.

Moisture Damage Builds Over Time

And man, can it do a lot of damage. Have you ever been in a home and seen a downstairs ceiling sagging under the weight of water leaking from the pipes above? Or witnessed firsthand the stress of finding a bunch of mold hidden away behind walls? It’s never a pretty picture, and these are unfortunately the stark realities of living in a house where plumbing leaks have gone unaddressed.

By the time you notice that there is a leak, there’s a good chance that the leak has been active for some time already. It’s never a good idea to wait and see, because you have probably already been waiting without even realizing it! So how can you tell if you might have a leak going on?

What to Look, Listen, Feel, and Smell For

  • Look for dark water stains.
  • Listen for dripping and/or running water when none is in use.
  • Feel for hot or cold spots beneath your feet.
  • Smell for musty or mildewy odors.

Whatever it is that tips you off to potential leaks in your home, be sure to reach out to a member of our team right away. Failure to do so is only going to open up the floodgates of leak-related issues.

Schedule your plumbing repairs with The Sunny Plumber Phoenix. Bright and Shiny and Won’t Show Our Hiney.

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