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Plumbers Tips: How Hard is Your Water?

Hard water can be a serious hassle for many homeowners. Hard water means that there are excess minerals in your home’s water supply, which can cause big problems for your pipes and your appliances. Calcium and magnesium are two of the most common minerals that can be found in hard water. There are a few things that you can do to combat hard water. Below we’ve outlined those things that you can do.

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Problems From Hard Water

Your home’s water line and plumbing have to deal with thousands of gallons of water every single year. If you have hard water constantly flowing through your plumbing and through your appliances, it can cause a number of issues.

  1. First, it could be that the minerals in your hard water are getting deposited in the moving parts of your washing machine, dish washer and bathroom and kitchen fixtures. This can lead to your equipment not working well and, in some cases, even needing to be replaced. You’ll likely need plumbers in order to get your system back up and working again.
  2. Another common problem can be the build-up of limescale on your dishes and cookware. Limescale is a white, flaky substance that you might see on your freshly washed dishes when they come out of the washer. Limescale is actually the minerals in your water getting deposited on your dishes.

Water Testing

One of the best ways to figure out exactly what is in your water is by having your water be tested. The plumbers at The Sunny Plumber offers complete water testing that can help you figure out what steps you need to take in order to remove the contaminants from your Mesa, AZ homes water supply.

Water Softening and Water Treatment

Getting a water softening system or a water treatment system is a great addition to be had for homes that have hard water. These types of systems use filters or additives to remove contaminants and minerals from your water supply. The Mesa, AZ plumbers at The Sunny Plumber offer complete water softening installation as well as water treatment installation.

If you’re concerned about your appliances being damaged from hard water or if you’re tired of limescale build up, just call the friendly Mesa, AZ plumbers at The Sunny Plumber of Phoenix today.

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