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Main Water Line Red Flags

plumberIn the most basic of terms, your plumbing system is responsible for getting potable water into your home and for getting waste and wastewater out of your home. There’s a lot more to it than that, of course, but the fundamental function is there. If you’re having trouble of any kind with either of these facets of your plumbing system’s operation, then you really have no time to waste. In the event that you’re having trouble with water delivery, a main water line problem could be at play.

We cannot stress enough just how detrimental such a problem can be for you and your property. That is why we want to use today’s post to educate you a bit on potential warning signs of trouble with your main water line in Scottsdale, AZ. The sooner that you’re able to recognize any such problems with your plumbing system and your main water line, the better. And remember, our Sunny Plumbers are never more than a phone call away.

What to Be Aware Of

Your main water line connects your plumbing system to the municipal supply. A leak in that main water line is going to make itself in a few different ways. If you don’t what it is that you’re encountering, however, then it will be difficult to link these symptoms to a potential rupture in a water line. Because time is generally of the essence in such situations, we strongly urge you to keep the following in mind.

  • Take a drop in water pressure seriously. A main water line break is not always going to result in a loss of water pressure throughout your home, and a loss of water pressure is not always going to be the result of a leak in your main water line. The two often go together, though, and it’s something to be aware of. If you have low water pressure in just one area or to just fixture in your home, then you may be dealing with a localized leak. If it’s throughout the house, however, a main water line rupture is more likely.
  • Listen for the sound of running water and look for wet spots. If you hear water running in your home or around your property, and you don’t know what the source of the sound could be, then contact us right away. You’re almost certainly dealing with a leak of some kind. If your front yard is also getting quite soggy, then a main water line leak is the likely culprit. Don’t let that leak damage your foundation!
  • Sediment in your water is a common result of water line leaks. Remember, it’s not all about the water leaking out of your main water line. You could also run into issues with dirt and sediment getting into that water line. Once that happens, it can distribute those pollutants throughout your home, decimating your water quality in the process. Don’t put up with gritty water or expensive bottled water products.

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