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Low Water Pressure? 3 Potential Causes and Their Solution

sunny-plumber-vanYou are washing your hands or taking a nice shower and out of nowhere the water just … gives up. Maybe it doesn’t stop completely, but it gets far weaker than before. Low water pressure is, unsurprisingly, never a good thing.

The question you need to answer is what might be causing the interruption in your water supply, and how to fix it. Of course, no matter the cause, your best course of action will be to contact a plumber in Phoenix.

3 Issues That Might Be Ruining Your Water Pressure

There is more than one problem that can cause a reduction in your water pressure. Here are three that are somewhat easier to figure out:

1. A problem with the municipal water supply

We start here because this is easier to figure out. Maybe there was a main water line breakage nearby or a fire hydrant was hit leading to the municipal water supply being shut off. This will obviously affect your home! If you think that the issue is originating from the municipal source, you can figure it out by talking to your neighbors or contacting the municipal source. While there isn’t much you can do about this one, it is easier to deal with because all you have to do is wait.

2. A leak or break in your pipes

Usually, these don’t pop up out of nowhere. Leaks can start small and will progressively worsen, which can end up ruining your water pressure. However, if you are using the water in your home and get a sudden drop in your water pressure, there may have been a break in your piping or even the main water line on your property. These large leaks will cause major water damage if they aren’t caught soon enough, so make sure to get a plumber out to your home today.

3. Scaling inside of your pipes

Over time, sediment in your water can start to collect and harden within your pipes. This is known as scaling and unfortunately, if it is allowed to go on unaddressed for too long, it is impossible to remove. Pipes with hard scaling in them have to be replaced. The more scaling there is in your plumbing, the less water will be able to get through. If you have noticed a gradual decrease in the water pressure at home, then you may have pipes that are starting to have trouble with a layer of sediment inside of them and need to be cleaned out. Get a plumber to do this today before you need to replace your pipes instead.

When there is something ruining your water pressure there isn’t much that the average person can do. But that is where we can help. If the problem doesn’t originate with your municipal water source, then you should reach out to a professional plumber at The Sunny Plumber Phoenix to check things out. One of our plumbers can identify the root cause and address it in short order.

Contact The Sunny Plumber Phoenix today. Bright and Shiny and won’t show our Hiney!

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