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A Little Grease Goes a Long Way—Toward Clogs!

logoYou have plenty to do throughout the day, from getting your family out the door in the morning to handling your professional responsibilities to getting everyone fed at dinnertime. By the time you’re ready to tackle those dishes that have stacked up in the sink, you’re probably going to be pretty spent. We understand that you may just want to rush through them and get in some relaxation time before bed.

However, your plumbing system is not likely to be quite so understanding.

Grease is a major contributor to clogs in residential plumbing systems. There is a reason why restaurants use grease traps in their commercial plumbing setups, after all. If you’re serious about protecting your convenience and the condition of your drain and sewer system, you need to get serious about grease! We’re here to help you better understand why this is the case. So read on, and reach out to our team if you have questions about this slippery situation.

I Just Roasted a Chicken and the Grease Is Liquidy—What’s the Issue?

If you pour grease down your drain just because it’s a liquid and, hey, it pours easily, we recommend letting that roasting pan sit on the counter for a bit. You’ll soon see that grease does not remain a liquid for long. It cools down and, as it does so, it solidifies. If you’re pouring grease down your drains, you may as well pour some paste down there, too.

When grease congeals in your drains, it narrows your pipes more and more each time grease is added. Not only that, but the congealed grease can trap other food particles on their way down, too. That means one thing: big clogs and big headaches in fast succession!

So What Do I Do?

Simple—pour that grease into a container and freeze it. When trash day comes, just toss the container in the trash. It doesn’t have to be a huge amount of grease to get this treatment, either. You can fill that container incrementally. Even if it’s just some bacon fat in a skillet, at least wipe it out with a paper towel after it cools rather than pouring it down the drain (or save it to cook with!).

No, The Garbage Disposal Won’t Help

This should go without saying, but we’re going to say it anyway—your garbage disposal is not going to do anything about grease. Your plumbing in Scottsdale will still get clogged up even if you run the disposal when pouring grease down a drain. You can’t really grind down grease the way you can food scraps, after all, and you risk gunking up your garbage disposal in the process!

Don’t run the risk of clogs that you’ll need to have professionally cleaned. Be proactive, and nip this problem in the bud. Grease is a byproduct of many cooking techniques, and it’s something you’ll have to deal with from time to time. Deal with it right!

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