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Let’s Play: Guess! That! Leak!

plumberOkay, so this topic probably is not going to wind up spinning off into a televised game show, but we figured we’d try something new this time around. Today, we are going to put your plumbing knowledge to the test. We will start by saying that the particular leak we’re talking about below is one that we’ve covered here on this blog before. It’s one that our plumbing professionals know well, because it’s a tricky one to deal with.

And, before we go any further, we really want to stress that last point. Today’s post is obviously in good fun, but discovering this type of leak in your home is definitely no laughing matter. If you get to the end of this post, regardless of whether or not you’re able to identify the leak from the clues given, you need to remember to schedule plumbing services in Apache Junction, AZ, immediately if you suspect this leak in your home.

What Do You Make of These Clues?

Imagine you’re in your home. It’s a dark and stormy night. From somewhere in the house, a floorboard creeks … no, wait. Forget all that. We got a bit carried away there. Plumbing leaks may seem like a nightmare when you’re dealing with them, but knowing the warning signs that allow for early intervention takes the horror out of the situation. So, what types of clues should you be aware of?

  1. There is a sound of running water when you’re not actually using any at all. (Okay, that actually is a bit spooky.)
  2. You’ve noticed that your water bill is higher than normal, but you’re not using more water than you usually do.
  3. There are signs of water damage along the base of your walls or wet spots on the carpet.
  4. You can feel warm spots beneath your feet as you walk across the floor (the lowest floor of your home, specifically).
  5. The concrete foundation that your home sits upon is cracked or bulging.

Have You Made a Guess Yet?

What we’re talking about is—the slab leak!

Yes, the slab leak makes another appearance on our blog, and with good cause. While our leak detection services and expertise in accessing and repairing such leaks can limit the headache associated with the problem, the hidden nature of a slab leak nevertheless makes it a tough one to deal with. Fast action is a necessity here, so don’t hesitate to schedule service when you notice any of the above-mentioned clues pop up in your home.

We won’t go tearing your foundation apart just to find the source of the leak. We have many tools and methods available to us that will help us zero in on it before the more physical work begins. Just remember that not every plumber can truthfully make the same promise. Work with us to limit the risk of any damage to your home, and remember that plumbing leaks can also lead to unhealthful conditions if allowed to persist.

Contact The Sunny Plumber Phoenix for your plumbing service needs. Bright and shiny and won’t show our hiney.

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