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Is Your Water Quality All That You Deserve?

logoA lot of homeowners have water of a quality that at least doesn’t raise any major red flags. If you ask our Sunny Plumbers, however, “good enough” shouldn’t be in your vocabulary when it comes to your water quality. That is why we offer a comprehensive selection of water treatment systems in Queen Creek and throughout the Phoenix area. Whatever the problem with your water quality may be, we’ll find the solution that the problem demands to improve matters.

That begs the question of what you should look for, though. Not only that, but “looking” just is not enough when it comes to recognizing problems with your water quality. Not sure what that really means? Then this is the blog post for you! Read on, and be sure to reach out to a member of our team if you notice any of these warning signs in your home. With our help, you’ll have water of the quality that you truly deserve.

A Foul Taste

How happy are you to drink from the tap in the kitchen? Do you feel the need to purify your water before drinking it? Are you buying bottled water because your tap water just does not taste good enough? There could be a number of factors at play.

It’s possible that your water may have a sulfuric, eggy taste. It may even taste like chlorine. If this is the case, using the right water treatment system to remove that sulfur or excess chlorine in the water makes more sense economically than paying for bottled water.

A Cloudy Appearance

This is a tricky one. If your water is cloudy it may have some contaminants in it from leaks in the main water line allowing dirt in. It may be the result of degrading pipes on your property, too.

Your water doesn’t have to have a gritty mouth-feel for this to be a problem. Assuming that the water is not just cloudy from aeration, you want those impurities removed. A good water filtration system can do that for you. Opt for a whole-house solution.

A Lot of Deposits

No, your water isn’t going to help you out financially by putting money in the bank for you. We’re talking about another type of deposit—mineral deposits!

This is a pretty clear sign that you have hard water. That white and green buildup that you see on your fixtures and faucets is the result of a high mineral concentration, typically calcium and magnesium. A whole-house water softener is the solution to this issue.

A History of Illness

You should never be afraid to drink the water that comes from your fixtures because you are concerned about health risks. This is, unfortunately, a reality in some situations—including when a private well is used. That water is not treated by the municipality, after all.

The good news is that we install chemical feed pumps that will rid your water of harmful bacteria and microorganisms. Your health is vitally important, and we’ll help you to protect it.

Schedule your water treatment services with The Sunny Plumber Phoenix. Bright and Shiny and Won’t Show Our Hiney.

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