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Is It Time for a New Water Heater?

sunny-plumbersYou use hot water each and every day in your home. You use it to do the dishes. You use it to wash your linens. You use it to shower, and to do general cleaning around your house. But you don’t go straight to the water heater to get it. That appliance works and works and works, but it does so quietly and out of view. That’s how it is so frequently overlooked by homeowners, even though it’s so necessary.

Unfortunately, this often leads to homeowners failing to act when it comes to their water heaters—sometimes until the system breaks down entirely. Needless to say, an interruption to your hot water supply can really bring your daily routine grinding to a halt. It gets plenty hot around here, but that doesn’t mean that you want to start your day off with an ice cold shower! That is why The Sunny Plumbing Phoenix has some tips for you regarding the need for a water heater replacement in Apache Junction.

Keep the Age of Your System in Mind

If you find someone telling you that it’s time to replace your water heater just because that water heater is getting on in years, you probably have someone that is just looking to a make a sale. If your water heater is working flawlessly,  and you’ve been diligent in scheduling the maintenance that it needs throughout its service life, then the age of the system alone is not really enough to demand a replacement.

That being said, age certainly is a factor to consider, even if it is not the deciding factor that some people seem to think it is. Typically, a tank model is going to last somewhere around 10-13 years, with tankless models often nearly doubling that lifespan. It is important to keep these average lifespans in mind when you’re faced with a water heater that can be saved, but at significant cost.

Are Repairs Still Worth It?

Okay, so your water heater has a problem with its heating element or its thermocouple needs to be replaced. These types of issues come up, and they, like most other problems you’ll encounter with your water heater, can typically be resolved with repairs. Keeping the age of your system in mind, though, you need to decide if further repairs are really worth the cost.

If you’re looking at a couple of hundred dollars for repairs to a water heater that is only about halfway through its projected lifespan, then repairs are probably the way to go. This is definitely the case when repairs are very few and far between to begin with. When that number starts to creep up toward half the cost of a new system, though, and the existing system probably doesn’t have much time left anyway, it makes more sense financially to just move ahead with the replacement.

Invest in Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a hot topic right now, and homeowners have more options than ever before when it comes to efficient solutions in their homes. You may have inherited an inefficient water heater when you bought your home. Maybe your tank water heater is much larger than you need, and you’re interested in investing in a tankless model to eliminate standby energy loss.

Whatever the case, there is no rule saying that you have to wait until your existing water heater gives out on you before replacing it with a more efficient model. It may seem counterintuitive, but investing in that replacement now, even if your system is not that old yet, is really just investing in better efficiency and long-term energy savings.

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