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How Water Testing Is Conducted

Do you have quality water coming into your home through the municipal supply? This is a good question to ask; even though the municipal water supply receives treatment, the water can still pick up contamination through the pipes and groundwater seepage on the way to your home’s plumbing. The best way to eliminate such pollution in your water is to have a whole-house water treatment system professionally installed. This way you can enjoy safe, healthy water that won’t cause any damage to your plumbing system.

But this leads into another question: What exactly is contaminating your water? You need to know this so you can select a treatment system to deal with the problem, and this task requires professional water testing. To schedule the service, you call The Sunny Plumber today and speak to our experts in water testing for Paradise Valley, AZ. After they complete testing, they will help you with water treatment system selection and installation.

What happens during water testing

On the day that you schedule water testing, the professionals will arrive at your home and take samples from different fixtures and rooms in house. The water testers will make sure that they have a representative sample of the water from all around the home. They will then send these samples to a laboratory, which runs a series of tests on the water to determine what contamination it contains. These tests look for acidity, alkalinity, the presence of bacteria and other biological pollutants, and water hardness due to minerals.

The lab testing usually takes about a week to finish, and afterwards the lab will deliver a full report that the water testing professionals will go over with you. The report lists all the issues discovered in the water along with suggestions on what can be done to address them. You can decide based on this report and the suggestions of the professionals if you wish to have water treatment systems installed and which ones will do the best job.

Do you need water testing in Paradise Valley, AZ?

Although not all homes need to have water treatment systems installed to clean their water, all homes can benefit from water testing. You will at least know what is present in your water and if you should take steps to treat it.

Our water quality experts at The Sunny Plumber want you to have the best water for your home, free from issues with calcites, sulfurous oxide, pesticides, or any other potential health and plumbing hazard. Call us today to ask about getting started with water testing.

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