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How to Get Your Garbage Disposal Ready for the Holidays

The holiday season is here, and chances are you’re going to be doing at least a little bit more cooking in your kitchen than usual. That likely means more wear and tear on your garbage disposal, which means a greater opportunity for issues to develop. If you want to keep your garbage disposal in the best possible condition, there are a couple of things you can do over the next few weeks. Read on to find out what.

Avoid FOG

FOG, short for Fats, Oils, and Grease, comprises quite a bit of the overall waste material that tends to end up in garbage disposals. While this material is in liquid form when it’s initially poured into the disposal, it congeals into a viscous sludge as it cools. The FOG then sticks to the walls of the disposal chamber, as well as the walls of the drain pipe. This can gum up the impeller, as well as clog the drain. Don’t pour FOG down the garbage disposal if you want to avoid these issues. Throw it away, instead.

Schedule Preventive Maintenance

A lot of people view their garbage disposals as these invincible engines of destruction for food waste. This isn’t true. Garbage disposals experience wear and tear, like any other system. And like any other system, they need professional maintenance in order to keep operating properly. If you want to make sure that your garbage disposal is up to the added stress this holiday season, call for preventive maintenance sometime during the next couple of weeks. This will help to counteract any issues with the system before they have the chance to develop too far.

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