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How to Tell When You Have Hard Water

sunny-plumbersDo you ever wonder about what’s in your water? Your plumbing system is a major part of your home, water comprises most of your body, and you can’t go long without it. It’s incredibly important so we understand how the thought of what’s looming in your water supply might cross your mind every now and then. That’s why we’re here to inform you about a common problem with your home’s water: hard water.

This is actually a problem that plagues most homes across the country. It’s especially abundant in our neck of the woods. Luckily though, the simple solution to this problem is a water softener in Phoenix, AZ. We’re here to inform you today and help you find the resources that you need for your home’s plumbing services.

Key Signs That You Have Hard Water

These are the signs you have hard water in your home:

Dry Skin, Hair, and Nails

Your skin feels tight every time you hop out of the shower or wash your hands. In addition to this, your hair has started to feel brittle and your nails split and crack all the time. Your first instinct is to blame yourself—you think you need to consume so more leafy greens or moisturize a little better. The actual problem is hard water.

Dingy Clothing

Your clothes are dingy, stiffy, and getting worn down. You take care of your clothes to the best of your ability, so you don’t understand why your clothes are so dingy. It could actually be hard water putting strain on your clothes.

Spotty Dishes

Your dishes are never actually clean after running them through the dishwater. Instead, your dishes are covered in white little spots. This is a sign that your home is deeply impacted by hard water. The white spots are mineral deposits and a sign you need something more.

Plumbing Issues

The water pressure in your home is horrendous. You don’t remember the exact moment when your home’s water pressure really took a nosedive, but you do know that your plumbing issues are worse now. The problem is the built-up mineral deposits in your pipes. They’re making your pipes even narrower and it’s decreasing the water flow.

What a Water Softener Can Do for You

A water softener will be the hero you’re looking for in your fight against hard water. Water softeners are installed directly into your home’s water supply line. Once they’re installed here, they work to clean all of the water in your home. Your water softener works to remove extra chemicals, including things like magnesium that often makes your water “hard.”

Eliminating hard water will help you open up your home’s pipes, increase water pressure, and improve the overall quality of your home’s water. This isn’t something you should leave to an amateur. You need to put this into the hands of a professional and we’re here to provide you with the work you’re looking for.

Contact us today. Bright and Shiny and won’t show our Hiney.

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