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How to Tell You Have a Sewer Clog

light-at-end-of-pipeClogs are extremely annoying. They can mean long periods of time trying to use a plunger to get things moving again. Or they can mean hours, even days, without the use of certain parts of your plumbing system until you can find a solution. The situation can be even worse if you are dealing with trouble in the home’s sewer line, rather than just dealing with a clogged toilet or sink.

While a toilet clog can be removed with a plunger, this method won’t apply to a clogged sewer line. Neither will the use of a chemical drain cleaner purchased from a store. Our team is able to provide a solution that will work effectively in clearing out a problematic sewer line clog. But first, let’s talk about how you can figure out that a sewer clog is a problem you are facing.

Do You Have a Sewer Clog? 3 Signs That You Do

Here are three key indicators to check for that will let you know you may have a sewer line clog that requires professional service to clear.

  1. You have a pervasive sewage smell in the home. Ugh, what is that smell? It seems to be coming from every single drain in the home! If this sounds like a situation you are currently dealing with, you may be getting a wisp of what your sewer smells like. You definitely should not be okay with this. If you are getting the scent of sewage in your home from more than one drain, it is likely due to a sewage line clog.
  2. There are multiple clogged drains throughout the house. It isn’t just your kitchen sink anymore. It’s also the toilet and even the bathtub. It may seem like a cruel twist of fate that all of your drains are clogged at the exact same time. However, this is less likely to be a coincidence than you might think. When there are multiple clogged drains in the home, it is usually due to a sewer line clog rather than bad luck.
  3. Sewage is coming back up your drains. You flush the toilet and see wastewater coming up from the drain in your bathtub. Or you go to wash your hands in one of your bathrooms and your kitchen sink starts to give back all the suds that you were washing away. When wastewater starts coming out of one drain after you flush it down another, it is a sign that you have a sewer line clog and there is no place for it to go.

Clogged Sewer? We Can Clear It

A clogged sewer line is not something that just anybody can clear up. Thankfully, we are not just anybody. Our company is proud to provide sewer cleaning services in Phoenix. With help from our expert plumbers, you can get rid of that clog and get your plumbing back to normal again.

Bright and Shiny and won’t show our Hiney. Contact The Sunny Plumber Phoenix to schedule your drain and sewer services with a team you can rely on.

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