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How Serious Are Water Heater Leaks?

Water heaters are pretty solid systems, and they can take a lot of stress. Sooner or later, though, the system will start to develop problems. When you deal with as much water as the average water heater does, leaks are pretty much inevitable. How serious is a water heater leak, though? How large does it have to be before you call a professional to look at it? Let’s take a look at water heater leaks, and when to call for repairs.


Water heater leaks can happen in a number of different locations throughout the system, each having different effects. If a leak develops in the circulator pump, for example, it’s probably going to affect how well the system can pump water where it needs to go. Leaks in the water heater tank itself won’t have any immediate effect, depending on how large they are. However, if not treated as soon as possible, they can lead to much more serious issues down the line. The important thing to remember is that leaks don’t stay small, even if they start that way. Even the tiniest leak can have serious consequences if left alone for long enough.

Problems Associated with Leaks

Perhaps the biggest threat that a leak can provide is that of a tank rupture. This is when the water heater tank is so rusted out that it bursts and spills water everywhere. Not only will you have to replace your water heater, but you’ll probably have to pay thousands of dollars to repair the surrounding area. Not all leaks lead to this, of course, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Call for repairs as soon as you notice a leak in your water heater.

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