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How Long Should a Sink Last?

No fixture in your home can achieve immortality—especially one that gets as much use as a sink. The sinks in your kitchen and bathroom receive an extraordinary amount of work every day, encountering dirt, soap, food particles, grease, and often a few objects that have no business going into them at all. With all this wear and tear, how long can you expect a sink in your home to last? There are too many variables involved in your home’s plumbing for us to give you a simple, single-number answer to that question. Much of it depends on how well you treat your sink, and if you get it the regular repairs it needs.

If you need sink repair in Mesa, AZ, contact The Sunny Plumber. We can handle clogs, broken drainpipes, leaking faucets—everything so your sink has a long lifetime of service.

Long life through quality repairs

If your sink fixtures are made from durable material, you can expect them to last for many years, although different parts have different lifespans. An acrylic sink can often endure for half a century. Faucets and drains won’t last near this long, and if they do not receive timely repairs when they malfunction they will require replacement after only a few years. Make sure that you hire professional plumbers to manage repairs on any faulty part of your sink so it will be a long wait before you need to schedule the next repairs.

Hard water

Another enemy that might lurk in your home and threaten all the fixtures of your sink is hard water. This is water with high level of minerals (usually calcites) suspended in it. Although rarely harmful to drink, hard water is abrasive toward your plumbing, leaving deposits along the faucets and drains in your sink. The best way to combat hard water is with a water softener. Ask your trusted plumber about possible water treatment systems that will lessen the stress on your sink from hard water.

Be good to your sink

To help your sink survive, makes sure you have covers on the drains to keep larger particles from entering them. Don’t use the sink as a garbage disposal and toss foreign items down them. Also, avoid at all costs pouring fat, grease, or oil down any drain in your home (disposal included) because these substances will solidify when they dry and turn into thick, waxy plugs.

The Sunny Plumbers is here to help

The Sunny Plumber has a staff of trained professionals who can provide you with repairs, water treatment systems, and maintenance that will give your sink the longest lifespan possible. Contact us any time of the day or night when you need a Mesa plumber.

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