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How Hard Water Damages Your Bathroom Plumbing

You’ve probably noticed hard water deposits on your shower or faucet head from time to time: they’re those hard crusty formations. They come from mineral deposits in the water, which most civic water companies do a decent but not outstanding job of removing. What they miss ends up in your plumbing, and that can be a big problem. Here in Tempe, bathroom plumbing systems get a great deal of hard water, thanks to our desert environment.

This is how hard water damages your bathroom plumbing.

The main problem is clogging, which can get quite severe if the hard water is left untreated. You may be able to treat the deposits on the surface of the faucet of showerhead, but more hard water can appear deeper in the plumbing, where you can’t reach with a store-bought cleanser. Clogs are problematic not only because they deny you water, but the pressure they induce can place added stress on seals and fittings, possibly resulting in a breach.

Just as damaging, hard water scaling can corrode your pipes, increasing the chances of a leak or a rupture. This process can take a long time – years in many cases – but when a leak forms, it can damage surrounding wood or fixtures before it’s discovered.

A short-term solution is to call a plumber and have him remove the hard water deposits inside the plumbing (or replace the pipes if a leak has sprung up). But that won’t change the content of the water itself. For that, you might want to consider a whole house filtration system, which removes the minerals from the water. That not only results in no hard water deposits, but makes laundered clothes and skin softer, and improves the taste of food cooked with it.

If you know how hard water damages your bathroom plumbing, you know you need someone you can trust to fix it. In Tempe, bathroom plumbing problems can be solved by The Sunny Plumber. Our experience and know-how can get to the heart of the issue quickly, and solve them with speed and efficiency. Pick up the phone and give us a call today for your Tempe plumbing service needs!

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