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How to Figure Out You Have a Leak

sunny-plumbersThink you have a water leak in your home? If so, it isn’t a question of if you are going to do something about so much as when. The only thing holding you back is potentially the question of whether or not you are sure that you really do have a leak in the house. This is a question we would like to help answer.

So, how can you figure out if you have a leak in your home? We can give you some warning signs to look for and provide the services that will provide a definitive answer so you can take the next steps to care for your home’s plumbing.

3 Warning Signs of a Leak

What are some warning signs that should alert you to the presence of a leak before calling in a plumber? Here are a few you should know.

  1. Your water meter is active when it shouldn’t be. No one is using any plumbing appliance, but when you go to check your water meter it is registering water use as if someone were showering. What is with that? Chances are that you have a leak creating that water draw.
  2. You can hear water flowing through your pipes when it shouldn’t be. This is similar to the water meter indicator. If you hear the sound of water flowing through the pipes in your home but you know there is no cause for it, then you probably have a leak.
  3. Water flow to one of your plumbing appliances is weaker. You turn on a shower or faucet only to notice that there is far less water pressure than usual. If this is happening to one appliance then you may have a leak. If it is happening to multiple appliances, the issue may be a bigger one—a water main leak.

Come to Us to Get a Final Answer

We covered a couple of basic indicators to look for that will warn you that you may have plumbing leaks. Note that we said “may.”  If you have a leak that is not directly under a sink it can be hard to be 100% sure that this is the issue. Thankfully, we have the services that can solve this mystery. 

First, we provide water leak detection in Phoenix. This service allows us to confirm whether or not you have a leak in your house. It can also help us pinpoint the area that it is in.

Second, we provide video pipe inspections. This is another great way to identify if you have a leak and where it is. It can also let us know if there’s more than one leak and how severe it is. Whichever service you schedule initially, if you have a leak you can rest assured our team will do everything possible to get it patched so you can get your home back to normal. Every dollar you spend with us is an investment back into your home’s plumbing system and your own peace of mind.

Contact The Sunny Plumber Phoenix to schedule your next appointment. Bright and Shiny and won’t show our Hiney.

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