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How Commercial Plumbing Differs from Residential Plumbing

Just as commercial buildings differ in form and function than houses and apartments, so too does commercial plumbing differ from residential plumbing. Thinking about your office building’s plumbing needs in the same way that you think about your home’s plumbing needs can be a big mistake and cost you a great deal of money in unnecessary bills. Commercial plumbing repair in Mesa AZ differs as well, and you shouldn’t trust a service accustomed to residential calls to handle plumbing problems at your place of business. Here’s a brief rundown on how commercial plumbing differs from residential plumbing.

The biggest difference simply comes from the size and complexity of the system. A business needs to handle much heavier use than a home. A home usually handles no more than seven or eight people at the most, and often only at night or in the morning before work or school begins. Commercial plumbing needs to handle dozens of people or more throughout the course of the day. If your business is a restaurant, catering operation or something similar, then you also need a kitchen capable of serving up to hundreds of hungry customers.

The larger size goes hand-in-hand with a need to treat problems quickly and efficiently. Unlike a home, which can work around a problematic sink or toilet, your business can’t endure without its plumbing. Employees can’t simply be asked to “hold it” and customers won’t come back if they’re inconvenienced by a non-functioning bathroom. In the case of restaurants, it can literally cripple your business, since a faulty kitchen means no food for your customers. A commercial repair service needs to be able to react quickly, as well as handling a larger and more complex issue than a normal “house call.”

If you know how commercial plumbing differs from residential plumbing, the next step is to call a service that can do the job. The Sunny Plumber has considerable experience with commercial plumbing in Mesa, AZ and throughout the greater Phoenix area. If your business needs a plumber, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We respond quickly and won’t rest until you’re completely satisfied.

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