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Hire a Professional Emergency Plumber

plumberWhen you think of an emergency in your home, you may think of a fall down the stairs that necessitates a call to the paramedics. Or maybe a fire that breaks out, putting not just your property but also lives in jeopardy. Yes, these are definitely emergencies. Those emergencies potentially resulting in bodily harm are not the only ones that you may encounter, though, and medical professionals/firefighters/police officers are not the only individuals that you may need in such events.

If you have a true plumbing emergency, for instance, you’re going to be much better off contacting a member of our team than you would calling 9-1-1! For plumbing emergencies of any stripe—and we’ll discuss a few typical situations in the post that follow—The Sunny Plumber Phoenix is definitely the company to call. When you need an emergency plumber in Apache Junction, our team is here to spring into action 24/7.

Drain and Sewer Line Damage

Your plumbing system comprises two distinct sides. There is the supply side, which distributes potable water throughout your home. Then there is the drainage side of the equation. This comprises your drain and sewer lines. While you may think of a burst pipe dumping water into your home as an obvious emergency, damage to your drain/sewer line(s) are no better.

Your drain lines and sewer line are responsible for removing waste and wastewater from your home and your property. If tree roots bust into your sewer line or a serious blockage leads to drain line damage, then you could have a very unhygienic emergency on your hands in no time. We are available at any time, any day, with our exceptional drain and sewer line repair and replacement services to resolve any problems that you may encounter.

Water Heater Replacement

Hot water isn’t a luxury in your home. It is a necessity. If your hot water heater should fail on you entirely, or if the tank starts to leak, you don’t want to be waiting around for Monday morning to arrive before you are able to have it replaced. When you have our number on hand, you won’t have to.

We excel in water heater replacement services. We’ll not only replace your water heater the right way, but we’ll make sure that your new water is of the right design and capacity for your water heating needs. Don’t let your family go without the hot water that they need for an extended period of time. Schedule service with us, no matter the time.

Clogged Drain Repair

Really? Clogged drains? 

Yes, really—clogged drains! If you have a very serious clog that is backing up drains throughout your home, your plumbing system is basically rendered inoperable. That is no way to live.

Clogged drains are not just a minor inconvenience. They put your whole plumbing system at risk, and they can lead to backups that may wind up all over your floors. That’s not just gross—it’s not hygienic. Don’t let the problem escalate to that level. Instead, schedule your clogged drain repair services with the pros on our staff.

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