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Drain Cleaning Tip: How to Maintain Your Plumbing Drains

The Sunny Plumber offers Phoenix drain cleaning services to customers throughout the area. Maintaining your plumbing drains is an important part of preventing repairs and major backups or clogs. Don’t hesitate to call the Phoenix plumbers at The Sunny Plumber for all your drain maintenance and drain repair needs.

Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Professional drain cleanings are important because they help keep your drains working properly. Once debris, food particles, grease, and other causes of clogs get stuck inside your drain lines, it usually takes a drain cleaning service to clear the clog. Using a snake is not always effective and can sometimes harm the pipes. We use a high-powered water hose to clean out your drains, which is both safe and effective.

Install a Garbage Disposal

Your kitchen drains are very susceptible to clogs due to grease, cooking oils, and food scraps getting into the drain lines. While you can be mindful of keeping these things out of the drain, it may help to install a garbage disposal. Keep in mind that you still need to keep out oily foods and items that are not intended for a disposal. This includes animal bones, used coffee grounds, and foods with rough surfaces.

Think Before You Flush

Only flush items that are intended to be flushed down the toilet. Anything else can easily cause clogs, especially over time. If you have a dual flush toilet, make sure you know how much water is appropriate for each flush. You can also protect your shower and sink drains by installing hair catchers to prevent hair and dirt from clogging your drains.

Contact The Sunny Plumber for Phoenix drain cleaning services and advice on how to maintain your plumbing drains. We offer 24/7 emergency plumbing repair services, so call us any time for immediate service.

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