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Don’t Let a Slab Leak Go Unnoticed

sunny-plumbersSlab leaks happen due to the wear and tear of the pipes in the slab foundation. Sometimes the cause of this wear and tear is inescapable, such as the shifting of the foundation. But other times, you can address issues such as high-water pressure, which is damaging the slab foundation. In some cases, water will leak onto the foundation for a long time slowly, whereas at other times, it will release all the water at once.

Continue reading if you want to know the reasons behind slab leaks and the risks associated with having one.

Reasons Behind a Slab Leak

Poor Installation and Damage Before Installation

While you are constructing a home, it is likely that some of the components get a little scratched or damaged. If the pipes receive any damage, the consequences can be long-term. In other scenarios, incorrect installation of the pipes can also affect the pipes’ function, and it would be hard to reinstall them since there is a lot of digging needed to address the problem.

Foundational Shifts

Shifts in the foundation of your home can also be the reason behind slab leaks. The piping system of your home experiences stresses when the foundation of the house starts to shift. Pipes used in plumbing are pretty strong, meaning they can handle a lot of stress, although foundational shifts are too much and can quickly wear down and break your pipes.


Pipes experience varying temperatures due to the weather changes and also because of the water pipes carry. This exposes the pipes to expansion and contraction all year round, which requires the pipes to have appropriate space to move around. If the piping system was built to expose pipes to abrasion with other pipes, concrete, or gravel, the result could be broken pipes.


The piping system is located below the ground in the vast majority of cases. This exposes the pipes to encounter the soil, which can lead to corrosion of pipes as time passes. The problem is commonly found with pipes made of copper.

The Dangers of Slab Leaks

In most cases, slab leaks occur over a long period, slowly eating away at the foundation, leading to damage that is undetectable a lot of the time.

Mold Growth

Water leaks can allow for mold growth. If a home has undetected mold growth, the people breathing the air in these houses can experience respiratory problems.

Structural Damage

Slab leaks can be detrimental to your home’s structural integrity, as they slowly weaken the concrete and other materials supporting the structure. Moreover, damage can also be done to the slabs in the form of shifts and cracks.

Final Statements

If you suspect a slab leak, getting it fixed should be a priority. This is because the longer you avoid it, the more money goes to waste in repairs alongside the hazards you will face by letting the problem continue.

If you live in or around the area, call Sunny Plumbing Phoenix today for slab leak detection in Phoenix. Our motto is simple “Bright and Shiny and won’t show our Hiney!”

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