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Do You Need Whole House Repiping?

Constant leakage followed by calls to your plumber may have you thinking that your house pipes need to be changed entirely.

While some issues here and there may just need a plumber’s expertise, it may be a good idea to change pipes rather than repair them.

So, how do you know your house needs repiping?

Here are some indicators that may lead you to repipe your house:

Buildup of Minerals

Mineral buildup occurs if your house receives hard water. Magnesium and calcium may accumulate in pipes over time. While this may not call for a whole house repipe, the possibility cannot be ruled out. These minerals can contribute to the restriction of water flow, which may cause low water pressure.

Steel Pipes

If your house is from the ’70s or before that, the chances are that the house pipes are made of galvanized steel. Steel can rust easily and corrode over time. However, if your house is a recent construction, the house pipes may be made of copper or plastic. If they are, this indicator can be ruled out.

Recurring Leakages

If you experience recurring leaks in a short period, it could point towards a serious plumbing problem. Instead of incurring continuous repair costs, it is better to invest in a full house repipe.

Low water Pressure

If you suspect you’re receiving low water pressure as compared to previously, then you may need to change your pipes. This is usually due to a buildup of sediment in the pipes. Not only this, but you may also notice that water takes a long time to drain in sinks and flushed. As such, you may want to be on the lookout for clogs.

Water Discoloration

If there is rust buildup in your house pipes, then water may become discolored. It could either be reddish or brownish in color.

Partial vs. Whole House Repiping

If you are confused about whether you need partial or whole house piping, you should call an experienced plumbing service. They will survey the house and decide based upon what they find. It may be possible that you need to replace certain parts of your house plumbing.

Things You Should Know before Repiping Your House

1) Repiping your house is possible as opposed to the belief that houses cannot be repiped.

2) A full repiping typically takes three to five days.

3) Your house does not need to be torn down in the process.

4) Your water services will most likely not be affected. 

The above four can only be possible if you approach an experienced plumber for repiping in Phoenix. It is a demanding task which is why you shouldn’t compromise on the quality of work.

Need Help with Repiping?

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