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Do I Need Water Filtration Maintenance in Scottsdale?

If you own a water filtration system, you’ve already taken one of the most important steps in keeping your family safe and healthy. Whole-home water treatment systems like specialty filters and reverse osmosis systems help protect your family members from contaminants like arsenic, chloramine, bacteria, and other health hazards. However, installation isn’t the only step towards eliminating or lowering the number of contaminants in your home.

Here at The Sunny Plumber, we recommend that a plumber inspects your water filtration system every year to keep your water pure and contaminant-free. You may choose to do this as part of annual plumbing maintenance so that all of the other components of your plumbing system are protected as well. Here’s why you should consider water filtration maintenance from us in Scottsdale.

Inadequate Filtration

One of the largest consequences of neglecting water filtration maintenance is inadequate filtration. In general, a whole-house water treatment system should last for many years with very few problems. However, like any component of your plumbing system, there is a chance of leaks, clogs, or general failure that allows untreated water to make its way to your tap. With maintenance, your unit is thoroughly cleaned and any potential problems are caught early on.

Maintenance is particularly important if you own a well and rely on a chemical feed pump to treat the water. For those who get their water from a water main, it is already somewhat treated at a municipal water treatment facility. For families that own a well, chemical feed pumps are essential for your family’s health as they treat the contaminants that are common to your area, and untreated well water can be particularly harmful to your health.

Low Water Pressure

Another reason to schedule regular plumbing maintenance is to avoid low water pressure. A water filtration system is installed at a point of entry for your water line so that all of the water that enters your home is filtered. As a filter becomes clogged with particles and debris, your water pressure may drop, and you may wake up one day to find that very little water can make its way into your home.

For more information on water treatment systems in Scottsdale, call the experienced installation and maintenance experts at The Sunny Plumber and schedule an appointment today!

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