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Common Problems With Bathroom Plumbing

Here in Paradise Valley, AZ bathroom plumbing tends to be fairly modern, which means it avoids a lot of the problems facing older home with older plumbing. Our dry weather and warm winters often prevent freezing pipes, and with a little care and maintenance, you can expect your plumbing to last a good long time. Even so, every component of your household runs into problems from time to time, and your plumbing is no different. The bathroom, in particular, often sees a lot of use, and as such can run into trouble from time to time. Here are a few common problems with bathroom plumbing.

  • Clogs. Clogged drains in the sink or the shower usually come from hair, toiletries and soap scum. The components can combine together to create a viscous sludge that will easily clog your pipes. Store-bought remedies rarely do the job, but a trained plumber can usually clear it up with a combination of training and professional equipment. (Similar clogs can occur in the toilet, though we won’t get into the causes. You can probably guess what they are.)
  • Leaks. Leaks often spring up around links between pipes, though sometimes they can occur when the pipes become corroded or damaged. If you spot a leak, first check to make sure the leak isn’t affecting the entire bathroom or the whole household. If it is, shut off water to the house. Otherwise, just shut off water to the affected appliance before calling the plumber.
  • No hot water. A lack of hot water can usually be traced back to the hot water heater, which requires periodic maintenance to do its job. The good news is that most plumbers can handle water heater repairs as well as piping, and will repair or replace the faulty component to restore hot water to your faucets.

If you encounter these or other common problems with bathroom plumbing, call upon the experts at The Sunny Plumber to help. Our expert plumbing service in Paradise Valley, AZ will hunt down the source of the problem and fix it as quickly as possible. We’re dedicated to your happiness, so don’t hesitate to call us today!

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