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Choosing a Water Treatment System

baby-hands-under-faucetSome homeowners think that because they are not using a private water source means that they really don’t have to worry about the quality of the water in their homes. In truth, though, this is completely false. Sure, water from a well definitely has to be tested and almost always treated in some way. But because that your water comes from a public supply does not mean that you have nothing to worry about.

Fortunately for you, our plumbers are here to help. Among the many great services that we offer is the installation of great water quality systems. That begs the question, though, of precisely which type of water treatment system is right for you. There are many different problems that could affect your water quality, and you want to be certain that you are addressing the right problems with the right water treatment system in Apache Junction, AZ.

Water Filtration Systems

The most basic type of water treatment system, and a great starting point in most cases, is a water filtration system. We are not talking about a filtering pitcher that you can store in your fridge, or a point of use filter that affixes to the water tap. What we are talking about is a filtration system that treats water as it enters your home, meaning that you get whole-house filtration from one convenient system. It’s great for removing sediment and other pollutants from the water.

Water Softeners

Not all issues with your water quality result in water that is dangerous to consume. Hard water won’t harm you, but it’s definitely not good for your plumbing. The high concentration of minerals, including calcium and magnesium, can lead to serious buildup in your pipes. By swapping out those minerals for sodium ions, a water softener can really help to protect your plumbing while eliminating ugly buildups on fixtures.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

RO systems are fairly expensive, but for good reason. If you are looking to resolve many different issues with your water quality by way of incredibly effective filtration, an RO system is tough to beat. They use the house’s natural water pressure to operate, too, so you don’t have to worry about high operating costs.

Chemical Feed Pumps

If your water is actually unsafe to drink due to bacteria levels or other microorganic threats, then a chemical feed pump may be necessary. The sounds a bit foreboding, but these pumps are actually extremely beneficial. They add the right amount of chemicals to the water at the right time in order to guarantee that you are drinking great tasting, safe H2O.

Specialty Cartridges

While water filtration systems and RO systems are great for protecting your water quality from an array of potential problems, sometimes you need to target specific issues. That is when specialty cartridges are indispensable. Using a specialty cartridge to target a specific biological threat, for instance, can help to ensure that people in your home are not getting sick, without treating problems that you don’t actually have at the same time.

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