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What Water Testing Is Looking For

Monday, December 30th, 2019

water-testingNot all homes in Phoenix need to have special water treatment systems, but many do. You may have already noticed signs in your house of subpar water quality, such as unusual odors from the water, cloudiness, mineral deposits, or an unpleasant taste. Even if you don’t see any warning signs, it’s still a good idea to have the water tested every few years. If you’ve never arranged for water testing in Phoenix, AZ, we strongly advise calling us to arrange for this service. If the reports we receive from the lab show high levels of impurities, we can offer whole-house solutions such as water filters, a reverse osmosis system, a chemical feed pump, or water softener.

Water testing runs samples of water from around the house through a series of laboratory test so we can present you with a detailed report. If you’re curious what, exactly, water testing is actually looking for, we’ll go over some of the details below.

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When to Call for Water Testing

Monday, September 14th, 2015

If you get your water from a municipal water main, you probably know that it undergoes quite a bit of treatment before reaching your home. Municipal water treatment is designed to remove any harmful substances from your water before you are exposed to them. This works well, but it isn’t perfect. Sometimes you need additional protection from chemicals or minerals that may have escaped municipal water treatment. You can determine whether or not you need additional water treatment by having your water tested. Let’s take a look at when you should call for water testing.

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How to Tell If You Need Water Testing

Friday, December 6th, 2013

Providing yourself and your family with healthy and clean drinking water is one of the top priorities of every single homeowner. While your water utility does filter the water that you buy from them, there can still be some contaminants in the water like lead, nitrates, and chlorine which can be harmful. But how can you tell if you need to have your water tested? The Sunny Plumber offers total water testing in Gilbert, AZ and we wanted to help our customers know when it’s time to have their water tested. Call us today with any questions or if you’re ready to schedule water testing for your home.

You can count on The SunnyPlumber for reliable plumbing service in Gilbert, AZ.

Here are some of the most common contaminants that homeowners should be concerned about.

  • Nitrates – Primarily used in fertilizers, nitrates can leech into your home’s water supply from the ground. If consumed in large enough quantities, nitrates can cause serious health risks and even death in infants 6-months and under.
  • Lead – Lead is a poisonous metal that is common in many older homes in the plumbing system. Lead can also leech into your home’s water through old plumbing pipes and components. For children ages 6 and under whose brains are still developing, lead poisoning can cause behavior problems and learning issues.
  • Disinfectants – The water treatment facility where you get your water uses disinfectants to kill off harmful bacteria and viruses in the water. While this is absolutely necessary to keep your home’s water from being harmful, the disinfectants can continue to linger in your water. Chlorine, chloramine and chlorine dioxide are some of the disinfectants use to purify your water.

If you’re experiencing any type of problems with your home’s water, don’t hesitate to call The Sunny Plumber for water testing in Gilbert, AZ.

We can talk with you about all of the steps of the process and also any concerns you might have about your home’s water quality.

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