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Avoiding Common Residential Plumbing Problems

plumberThere are a lot of systems and appliances that we rely on in our homes. Those related to our residential plumbing, however, are among the most important. Indoor plumbing is ubiquitous enough that it is easy to take for granted. The fact is, however, that it’s a lot more difficult to do that if you run into problems with your plumbing system. Unfortunately, this is more or less guaranteed to happen eventually. All plumbing systems encounter issues from time to time.

While we may not be able to help you avoid any such problems entirely, we certainly can help you to minimize the frequency with which you do. In many cases, problems with residential plumbing are actually the result of simple user error. In others, problems are allowed to develop much more than they should have. So keep these tips in mind, and remember to contact The Sunny Plumber Phoenix when you need a professional plumber in Phoenix.

Don’t Put Everything into the Disposal Unit!

Garbage disposals are great. If you’ve never had one in your home, you may not realize just how convenient they can make life. Fewer trips to the curb with trash bags, less scraping plates into barrels before they hit the sink, and so on. However, the garbage disposal is also one of the most frequently abused appliances in most homes.

Hard items like fruit pits, fibrous foodstuffs such as corn husks or celery stalks, starches like rice and pasta, and FOG (fats, oil, grease) should all be kept out of the disposal. They can damage the grinding unit, get wrapped around moving parts, swell up, and congeal, all of which spells trouble for the disposal itself and your drain system in general.

Don’t Ignore “Minor” Problems

Okay, so you’ve noticed that you’ve got a leak in a pipe. But it’s just a little one, and you can stick a bucket under it to catch the water. No big deal, right? You’ll get around to scheduling service at some point, after all.

Well, the trouble with this is the fact that this little leak may not be the only one you’ve got. It just may be the only one you can see. We’ll investigate matters to determine if more repairs need to be done, so you don’t wasting water and put your property at risk.

Don’t DIY!

We know, we know. There are plenty of online tutorials you can watch that make it seem like you can handle just about any job on your own. Sure, you’re welcome to plunge your own toilet or maybe replace a flapper in the tank. For the most part, however, your plumbing services must be handled by a trained professional.

If you take on plumbing jobs yourself, you run the risk of personal injury and doing damage to your home. Best-case scenario is that you do the job, but take a lot longer than necessary to do it, and you’ve wasted money on tools and materials that you’re not going to have much use for. Leave it to us and the job is done right and it is done promptly. It’s just that simple.

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