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Are You Making These Wasteful Water Mistakes?

plumberWater isn’t something any modern homeowner is going to compromise on. While escaping to a minimalist campsite for a weekend here and there, jugs of water in tow, may be good fun, you want a nice, hot shower when you get home. Things like this are not luxuries in this day and age. They are the expectation.

But they come at a cost.

When your water bill arrives, what is your reaction? Do you feel a pang of dread as you open it up to see what you owe? That’s not the way it should be! Sure, you need to pay for the water that you use in your home. But you don’t need to overpay. And if you are, it may be due to some common mistakes you’re making when using water.

1. You’re Washing Dishes By Hand

This is a controversial one, even today. Why? Because some homeowners still think using an electric appliance to wash their dishes, which also obviously uses water, is going to cost them more than simply washing their dishes by hand would. But they’re wrong.

Yes, a dishwasher uses electricity. No, modern dishwashers do not use that much electricity. And most will have a no-heat drying cycle option, if you really want to limit the electricity used. Fact is that they simply use water a lot more efficiently than you will by washing by hand, even if you’re careful.

2. You’re Taking Long Showers

We know, we know. Taking a shower can be relaxing. But so can doing some stretching before you hop in the shower. So can taking a short walk while you’re still nice and refreshed from your shower. There are plenty of relaxing ways to unwind—or stimulating ways to wake up in the morning—that don’t involve using a lot of water.

We’re not saying you have to get in and out in a minute or two. But if you’re in there for more than five minutes, you might want to consider installing a low-flow showerhead to at least cut back on water use, if not time in the shower. Cut down your time and opt for low-flow fixtures to really see a difference!

3. You’re Doing Laundry too Frequently

Okay, this one isn’t for everyone. Truth be told, a lot of us could be better about keeping up with the laundry! Some homeowners do go further in the opposite direction, though. Now, you don’t want to wait until you have so much laundry that you cannot fit it all into the washer. And you certainly don’t want to overload your washer. But doing full loads of laundry, even if it means waiting a day or two longer for the hamper to fill, is the way to go.

While we’re on this subject, consider replacing an old top-loading washing machine with a more modern, more water-efficient front-load model. They use less water by their design, and their stackability is an added bonus! Just another way to optimize your plumbing in Phoenix.

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