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3 Tools Plumbers Use to Detect Water Leaks

After drain clogs, leaking is the most common issue that can affect your plumbing. It’s also one of the most destructive: not only does it damage the pipes and waste water, it also affects building material and can lead to the development of mildew. To make the situation worse, leaks can often escape detection for long stretches because they frequently spring up in places out of sight and are often too small at first to notice (“pinhole leaks,” which are the most common type of leak and no less destructive because of their size).

Because leaks are tricky to detect, plumbers must use special tools to locate them. During regular plumbing maintenance, plumbers will investigate for potential leaks using these tools so they will know where to repair the pipes. They will also help them figure out why the leaks are occurring.

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The professional tools of leak detection

  1. Video inspection equipment: These are small video cameras mounted on long flexible cables. Plumbers can insert these into faucets and other outlets along the plumbing and send them down into pipes to locate the source of leaks that might otherwise be difficult to see from the outside.
  2. Listening disc: This is a piece of audio equipment that assists plumbers in locating leaks through cabinets, drywall, and other furnishings. Placed against a surface, they amplify the sounds of leaking water back through a pair of headphones so the plumber can get a better idea where the leak is occurring before attempting to access it. There are also more powerful equipment, like a deck plate, for listening through concrete, brick, and other stone surfaces.
  3. Soil probe: Among the the most problematic types of leaks are the ones that occur in the sewer line and water main. These often run under yards and lawns, and a soil probe allows a plumber to listen for standard pressure or pressurized leaks through grass and rocks.

All of this equipment is expensive and difficult to use for an amateur. Even if you had access to these tools and could correctly operate them, you would still have the trouble of fixing the actual leak and figuring out the reason for it. It is much better to jump ahead and call a professional plumber when you suspect leaking might be occurring in your home’s plumbing. When you call for a plumber from The Sunny Plumber, you’ll have a technician with experience in leak detection in Tempe, AZ who will get straight to the source of your trouble.

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