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3 Tips That Keep Drains Draining

sunny-plumber-vanIf there is one plumbing problem everyone is guaranteed to encounter in their lives, it’s the clogged drain. Just because this problem is so common doesn’t mean it’s not still frustrating, though. Particularly if it seems like you’re dealing with clogged drains regularly! The good news is that many clogged drains in Phoenix are the result of user error. We know—that doesn’t sound like great news.

The “good” part is that you can avoid many drain clogs with some simple changes in habit. Today, our Sunny Plumbers are going to share some great tips for keeping your drains draining. Be sure to reach out with any questions you may have. And remember, having your drains professionally cleaned is the best way to resolve those stubborn clogs that you do encounter. So call today!

1. Keep Hair Out of Drains

Okay, that’s a very obvious one, right? Well, let us ask you this—how conscious of an effort do you make to keep hair out of drains? Because “obvious” doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s being done, does it? There’s more to it than just putting a drain guard in the tub drain.

Obviously, that’s an important step. We recommend that you also brush your hair out before taking a shower. That will remove loose strands before they come out in the shower. Also, wipe whiskers out of the sink and/or tubs before running more water. Don’t just wash them down.

And, if you’re giving your pet a bath in the tub, brush them too! We know that some folks just want what’s best for their pups. We get it. But dogs shed like crazy, and a few baths in the lukewarm water of the shower can cause clogs for sure.

2. Freeze FOG

Fats, oil, and grease: FOG. You’ve roasted a turkey or chicken before, right? And seen all the grease that leaves in the pan? Or fried off some bacon? Roasted some veggies with butter and oil?

All of those fats will congeal when they cool in your drains. Always pour them off into containers, not down the drain. Sooner or later, serious clogs will develop because of the buildup of FOG. We recommend saving some old cans and putting this stuff in the freezer until you’re ready to take the trash out next.

3. Keep Your Sewer Line in Mind

Wait, what? We’re talking about drains! Well, yes. But the drains in your home connect to the sewer line on your property. And if you don’t keep that sewer line’s location in mind, you can run into some real problems. What exactly do we mean by keeping it in mind?

If you’re planting new trees or bushes, or having any work done on your landscaping, you need to be sure your sewer line is not going to be affected. You don’t want it crushed during construction. You don’t want trees or bush roots growing into it. All of this creates clogs that you’ll first discover in your home.

Schedule your drain and sewer services with The Sunny Plumber Phoenix. Bright and Shiny and Won’t Show Our Hiney.

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