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3 Things to Consider When Planning Plumbing Installation

Putting new plumbing into a home is a tricky task, and one that you should never undertake as a “do-it-yourself” project. Even something that seems like it shouldn’t require too much work, such as putting in a new faucet, could turn into a disaster if handled without the appropriate training. No matter your needs for new plumbing installation in Tempe, AZ, you should leave the work to licensed plumbers like those at The Sunny Plumber.

Here are 3 things to consider when you are debating having new plumbing installed. There are many different options that you may not have thought about, so we’ll look at three broad areas for installation.

  1. What new plumbing installations do you need for your kitchen? – When it comes to new plumbing installation, the first place in your home where you should focus your attention is on the kitchen, a place that will see the most amount of daily use, has the most appliances connected to water and wastewater systems, and the location where the plumbing undergoes the most stress because of the food particles, grease, fat, and oil that go down the drain. There are many possibilities for new plumbing installation in the kitchen: new washing machine, a garbage disposal, multi-bowl sinks, a gas range (see below about gas line installation), or a complete repiping to aid with a kitchen remodel.
  2. What new plumbing installations do you need for your bathrooms? – The bathrooms are the other major section of the house that makes extensive use of plumbing, and there are many upgrades and installations available for it. A low-flow toilet will help you save on water bills. New sinks can help add to available floor space or increase storage. New bathtubs will beautify the bathroom and add relaxing new features. As with a kitchen, full new plumbing installation means an easier time with an extensive remodel.
  3. Do you need gas line installation? – Plumbers do not deal only with plumbing for water. They also install gas line piping for homes that use natural gas power. And, if you do not have natural gas power but would like the many benefits of hooking your home up with it (natural gas is a less expensive fuel than electricity), certain specially trained professional plumbers can handle this installation for you as well.

Whatever your needs are that require professional plumbing services in Tempe, AZ, whether putting in a few faucet or fully replacing the pipes in your kitchen, you can trust to the experience of the team at The Sunny Plumber for the skilled work. We will get the job done fast and right, and we offer a range of services for sinks, toilets, showers, garbage disposals, and gas lines.

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