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3 Signs That You Need Drain Cleaning

Many people think that drain cleaning is something that should only be done if a clog completely forms in the line. This is not the case. There are a number of warning signs that indicate when you are in need of drain cleaning. The faster that you can react to them, the more time and effort you’ll save. Check out these three signs that your drain is in need of cleaning.

Slow Drainage

A drain clog forms over time, as waste sticks to the walls of the drain pipe. The more waste sticks to the pipe, the more the flow of water through the drain will be restricted. If your drain is starting to drain more and more slowly, it’s a sign that it is in need of drain cleaning. If you act quickly enough, you will likely be able to prevent a full clog from forming.

Bad Smells

As waste sticks to the walls of the pipe, it may start to give off a bad stench. This is especially true of kitchen sink drains, which are subjected to many more different kinds of waste than bathroom sinks. If you can detect a bad smell coming out of one or more of your drains, you should schedule drain cleaning services immediately.

Frequent Clogs

Sometimes, homeowners will find their own solutions to drain clogs. Store-bought drain cleaners are common. If you’re experiencing frequent clogs, though, then your own efforts are likely insufficient to deal with the waste in the drain pipe. If your drains are clogging very frequently, it’s a good idea to call for professional drain cleaning services. We’ll be able to completely clear all waste out of your pipes.

If you’d like to schedule a drain cleaning appointment, call The Sunny Plumber. We offer drain cleaning services throughout Phoenix, AZ. 

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