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3 Reasons You Need to Replace That Old Water Heater

logoNobody would call a new water heater the most exciting thing money can buy. Not even a Sunny Plumber. And we love water heaters! Even so, you are going to have to spend the money on a new water heater in Phoenix eventually. That one in your house won’t last forever. How do we know? Have we been snooping around? No, of course not! We know that’s true because no water heater is going to last forever!

If anyone tells you they have one that will, find someone else to work with. We’re here to tell you that you don’t need to wait for a full breakdown before replacing. In fact, we’d advise against that. We’re not just saying that to sell water heaters, either. There are a lot of compelling reasons to replace your water heater now. Can’t think of any? Well, you’re in luck! That’s exactly what we’re going to cover in today’s post.

1. Options. Options! Options!

Are they serious? How many ways are there to heat water? What, are they selling fireplaces and cauldrons now? No. No we’re not. What we are doing is providing homeowners with cutting-edge water heater technology. And it is not the type of technology that you want to miss out on. And even if you want to keep things simple, water heaters of all kinds have come a long way.

  • Tank water heaters remain the standard for many homeowners. And it’s not difficult to understand why. They’re simple. They’re reliable. They’re also a lot better than they used to be. We have the finest selection of tank water heaters to choose from. Even if you’re not interested in brand new technology, you can benefit from advancements in the classics.
  • Tankless water heaters are incredibly popular, and only growing more so. They’re compact, fitting into even small utility closets. They last a long time: 25 years is not unrealistic! They’re also incredibly efficient. You don’t run into any standby energy loss with these systems. There’s no water held on standby to lose energy.

2. Efficiency. Get More of It!

Efficiency has become much more of a buzzword in recent years. With energy costs being what they are, that should surprise absolutely no one. While you can invest in high-end, efficiency-focused water heaters, you can also benefit from a new system in general. You don’t necessarily need to spend the money on a shiny new tankless system.

Today’s reservoir tanks are better constructed and more efficient than ever. Efficiency ratings overall are better than in years past. And if your water heater is really old, near the end of its lifespan, then it is almost certainly even less efficient than when you bought it!

3. Beat the Clock

We’re not going to tell you that you need to replace a water heater that works great just because it’s old. We will tell you that sometimes it’s best to cut the cord near the end rather than at the end. If your system has had a good run, but requires frequent repairs, for instance, consider a replacement. If your system is struggling to keep up, why keep it running? Don’t wait for a full breakdown and the inconvenience that comes with it.

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