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3 Reasons for Heating Water the Tankless Way


Options. We love’em. Nobody wants to be told that there is only one right way of doing something, and this extends to something as basic as heating water for use throughout your home. If you are serious about heating water the way that most benefits you, then you need to choose the right water heater in Queen Creek for your individual needs and user preferences.  More and more, this is leading homeowners to choose tankless water heaters.

There was a time, and not really that long ago, when the tank water heater and water heaters in general were more or less synonymous. Today, however, homeowners are savvier and are willing to do more research and ask more questions before choosing the type of water heater that they’ll use in their homes. If you’re currently thinking about your next step toward a water heater installation or replacement, keep these benefits of tankless systems in mind.

They Last a Long Time. Like, a REALLY Long Time

Tank water heaters are a great option for many reasons, but one clear area where tankless water heaters have the upper hand is system longevity. The average tank water heater is going to last you somewhere in the 12–15 year range. Not too shabby, especially when you consider that these systems can be quite affordable. Tankless water heaters definitely cost a substantial amount more than tank water heaters.


They last much longer. When you choose a tankless water heater, you’re making an investment that will pay you back over 20–25 years. That is a major stretch of time, and if you’re going to be in your home for the foreseeable future, a tankless water heater will really stick in there with you.

They Eliminate a Major Inefficiency

Modern tank water heaters are well-insulated and can use their fuel or electricity efficiently. No matter how well-made the tank is, though, and even if you add further insulation, some standby energy loss is inevitable. Standby energy loss happens when the heat within a tank transfers out into the air surrounding it, as heat naturally moves to cooler areas.

It may not be a whole lot of heat at once. But over the years, it adds up. The only way in which to completely remove standby energy loss from the equation is to completely remove the tank from the equation. That is, of course, precisely what the tankless water heater does.

They’re Convenient

Is space at a premium in your home? Do you need what little storage space you have for, well, storage? Do you want to add a water heater to that small cabin you have in your wooded vacation spot? The tankless water heater is just what you need!

Even if you have a tankless water heater that is capable of meeting all of your hot water needs in a full house, they just don’t take up much room. In fact, the unit can be mounted right on a wall. Contact a  member of our team to learn more about how these installations work and if a tankless model is right for you.

Schedule your water heater services with The Sunny Plumber Phoenix. Bright and shiny and won’t show our hiney.

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