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3 Garbage Disposal Dos and Don’ts

sunny-plumber-vanWe have a simple question for homeowners without garbage disposals: why? Why wouldn’t you take advantage of all that the garbage disposal has to offer? These appliances are affordable, they’re reliable, and they make things so much easier in the kitchen. What drawbacks are you trying to avoid here? Is it because you’ve heard a few horror stories related to garbage disposals in the past? If so, consider this: user error is likely to blame.

Garbage disposals in Phoenix make life easier, but only if you use yours right! It’s not a complicated process, fortunately. It’s just that some homeowners don’t bother reading instructions, take precautions with a grain of salt, or just don’t realize that their garbage disposals do have certain limitations. Today, we’re going to look at some of the ways in which you can guarantee disposal success.

Do …

… schedule a professional garbage disposal installation. Is this the most complex service that you’re ever going to schedule for your plumbing system? Well, no. Is it one that still demands the skill and expertise only a professional plumber can bring to the job? Absolutely!

Don’t …

… pour fat, oil, or grease down the disposal. Yes, we understand that hot FOG is in a liquid state. But that liquid state only lasts as long as those materials stay hot. When they get down into your cool drain, they can congeal. And when that happens, it’s only a matter of time before serious clogs develop.

Do …

… keep the water running when you use your garbage disposal. Seriously, running a dry disposal is bad for the appliance, bad for its operation, and bad for your drain and sewer system. A garbage disposal grinds food waste up with impeller plates. It does not chop anything up with blades! The running water keeps things cool and also helps form a slurry that can easily drain.

Don’t …

… put extremely starchy foods down the disposal. Beans, rice, pasta, potatoes, and other such foods all get boiled for (most) preparations, right? That’s because they absorb water when boiled, and that softens them up. It also causes expansion. If you put these foods down your disposal, then they can swell up and cause clogs in your drains.

Do …

… keep the disposal and water running for a minute after you hear the grinding cease. You want to give the unit time not only to clear itself out, but also to cool down and to allow the slurry it has generated time to really get moving down the drain. It’s not a waste of water, it’s a necessary step!

Don’t …

… ignore any signs of trouble! A lot of homeowners abuse their garbage disposals, even when the disposals are making strange sounds or are emitting a burning odor. If you push your garbage disposal too far, it will fail. We can absolutely handle most repairs a garbage disposal would require, but they are almost always the result of abuse!

Schedule your garbage disposal services with The Sunny Plumber Phoenix. Bright and Shiny and Won’t Show Our Hiney.

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