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3 Common Problems Requiring Toilet Repair

Here in Scottsdale, toilet repair represents one of the most common calls plumbing services have to make. Your toilet is usually an extremely reliable device, but because it’s used so frequently – and because it’s arguably the most important component in your house – repairs tend to take on an urgency that you might not see with other appliances. A good plumber can usually correct any problem you might encounter with your toilet. We have a list of the 3 most common problems requiring toilet repair below.

  • Leaks. Leaks most often appear in the plumbing line between the toilet tank and your central plumbing system. The line itself can wear out after a time, or you may experience a problem with the valve or seal connecting the line to the larger components. This is actually a fairly easy repair to make for professional, who can drain the tank, replace the line and fix the leak in short order. A more problematic situation occurs when the bowl itself suffers damage, or the tank has sprung a leak. In those cases, you usually need to have the entire toilet replaced, though again, a good plumber can perform the replacement efficiently.
  • Moans and whistles. Unusual noises are a sure sign that something’s wrong with your toilet. They can include low moans and whistles, which usually result from a faulty cock and ball valve. A damaged valve will sometimes vibrate when the water refills, or let out a low moan when high water pressure puts stress on it. You can solve the problem by having the valve replaced.
  • Strange water fillings. When the flapper valves wears out, water will leak from the tank into the water line. When the water level drops to a certain point, the toiler starts running and the tank refills. Not only can this be extremely annoying, but you’re paying for all that lost water in higher bills. A plumber can replace the flapper valve and restore the toilet to its normal functions.

Toilet repair issues both common and unusual can be addressed by the plumbing service experts in Scottsdale, AZ at The Sunny Plumber. We have the skills and experience you need to do the job right, so don’t hesitate to give us call us today!

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