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Common Water Heater Maintenance Procedures

Monday, February 29th, 2016

We’ve written pretty extensively about why it’s a good idea to schedule water heater maintenance at least once a year. However, it’s been a while since we’ve explained some of the actual procedures that are a part of water heater maintenance. It’s good to have some idea of what actually happens during a water heater maintenance appointment, as it helps illustrate why maintenance is so helpful. So, let’s take a look at some common water heater maintenance procedures, and how they can help your system.

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Signs That You Need a Water Softener

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

Hard water is one of the biggest threats to the average plumbing system. It causes lime scale to build up in the pipes, restricting the flow of water down to a trickle and decreasing the efficiency of your plumbing system. If you want to counteract the effects of hard water you’re going to need to install a water softener in your home. How can you tell if you need a water softener, though? Read on for some of the main signs that you have a hard water problem that needs treating.

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Watch for These Symptoms of a Plumbing Problem

Monday, February 15th, 2016

Plumbing problems are among the most obnoxious that your home can encounter. This is mainly because they’re so hard to catch early on in the process. So much of the plumbing system is hidden from view that by the time a problem with it is noticed, it’s often too late to mitigate much of the damage. There are certain signs that your plumbing system is in need of repair that you can look for, though. Read on to find out how to tell if you should call for plumbing services.

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How You can Tell if Your Water Line is in Trouble

Monday, February 8th, 2016

The water line in your home serves an important purpose: transporting all of your fresh water from either a well or the municipal water main into your plumbing system. So it is obviously a good idea to make sure that this pipe is kept in good condition. Water lines are designed to be resilient, and most can last between 80 and 100 years under the right circumstances. However, there are a number of ways that your water line can get into trouble. Let’s take a look at some of the signs that your water line probably needs repair.

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Various Problems Hard Water Can Cause in Your Home

Monday, February 1st, 2016

Hard water is water with an abnormally high calcium and magnesium content. As hard water flows over surfaces, it deposits small amounts of these minerals. Over time, these mineral deposits grow into a substance called “lime scale.” Lime scale is known to be an extremely frustrating and damaging problem to deal with, for a number of reasons. Let’s take a look at the problems lime scale can cause in your home, and how to prevent them.

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