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3 Signs You Need Sewer Repair

Friday, August 30th, 2013

All of the drains in your home eventually connect to one big pipe called your sewer drain. This drain gets a ton of use every single day because it has to handle every gallon of your waste water. However, in most homes this sewer drain is buried under the property which means that it is difficult to tell when it is having problems. However, there are a few signs that you can look for which could indicate that you need Phoenix sewer repair.

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3 Phoenix Sewer Repair Signs

Keep an eye out for any of the following signs that could mean that you need to call for Phoenix sewer repair services.

  • Soggy or raised patches – If your sewer line is leaking then it means that a lot of water is getting distributed under your yard. If you notice soggy patches of ground or raised patches it could mean that there is a sewer leak under your yard.
  • Unusually lush patches of ground – Also, if lots of water is in your ground it means that the plant life will start to flourish. If you see patches of grass or plants that are growing unusually fast or vibrantly it could mean that they have found access to a new source of water: your sewer line.
  • Sewer odor – Obviously, the water that is traveling through your sewer line is not pleasant smelling. If you smell sewer odors around your property it might mean that the source of those odors is your leaking sewer line.
  • Clogged drains – As we mentioned above, all of your drains connect to your sewer line. If multiple drains are clogging it could mean that you have a serious clog further down in your sewer pipe. While this might not mean that you need to repair the pipe, it likely means that you need to call for clog removal from a professional plumber.
  • Tree roots – Surprisingly, tree roots are a very common cause of sewer line problems. They can wedge their way into your sewer pipe through the joints and cause tremendous damage to your pipe.

If you need Phoenix sewer repair just give us a call here at The Sunny Plumber.

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5 Reasons You Should Call a Professional Plumber

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

Are you satisfied with your plumbing system? Do you wish that it worked brought you more hot water? Or that it didn’t lose water pressure from time to time? Your supply and wastewater plumbing systems are absolutely vital to the ongoing integrity, comfort, and convenient of your home. They need to be kept in shape at all times so that you take your morning shower, wash the dishes and laundry, and enjoy potable water to clean and cook your vegetables in the kitchen. In today’s post, we’d like to give you 5 reasons why you need a professional plumber to visit your home in Scottsdale, AZ. Once you’re done reading this post, we recommend you take a look around. Making any necessary plumbing repairs or taking advantage of plumbing upgrades is a great way to add comfort and convenience to your home.

  1. Leak. Any and all leaks should be taken care of immediately. Allowing a leak to fester can only lead to further water or piping damage. If you can’t see any pools of water, but you suspect a leak, then look for the odd coloration of your baseboard piping or wet spots in the yard. Leaks can happen anywhere water is contained, and some can be detected only by a professional plumber who has the knowledge, experience, and equipment to discover leaks.
  2. Low water pressure. If you find that your home’s water pressure has decreased, it could be a well pump issue. But if you have a municipal water supply pipe, then you may need to have your pressure tested by a professional. It could be an indication of a hidden leak or some other issue.
  3. Persistent clog. A persistent clog that cannot be solved by a plunger should be taken care of by a professional. He has the augers and other drain cleaning techniques to make sure that the job is not only done effectively but also safely so that it doesn’t damage your drainpipes.
  4. Low-flow appliance. A low-flow toilet, faucet, or shower head can allow you to save on your water bill every month.
  5. Water heater noise. If you find that your tank or tankless water heater makes a noise, then you may need to have it checked by a professional plumber. It may need to be flushed because of a sediment buildup.

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Do You Need Professional Water Heater Repair for Your Scottsdale Home?

Monday, August 19th, 2013

The water heater is an indispensable part of your home, providing piping hot water for cooking and cleaning all at the turn of a tap. The heater itself looks deceptively simple: a big tank in your basement or anteroom with a few knobs and lines attached. When the time comes to repair it, some people may try to do it themselves, using online videos and perhaps a few DIY TV shows to guide them. That’s a mistake, especially in Scottsdale where able technicians are on call to perform repairs or installations.

Here’s why you should trust a Scottsdale professional water heater repair service, at least from The Sunny Plumber:

  • The biggest concern is safety. Gas lines are often involved in water heater repair, as are exhaust gases like carbon monoxide that need to be properly vented. A service technician knows how to do that safely, which might not be the case from a video on YouTube.
  • In addition to the gas lines, most water heaters are connected to the plumbing lines, which make a second good reason to use a professional for repairs. A serviceman understands the way the heater connects to the plumbing and can replace worn or faulty parts without filling the basement with water.
  • Finally, the electrical system itself is connected to the water heater. Not only does it need to be shut off properly when conducting repairs, but it requires careful reconnecting with a strong knowledge of how the water heater is affected.

All of that necessitates contacting a professional technician when the time comes for water heater repairs. Any serviceman you employ should have the experience and know-how to do the job right. In Scottsdale, The Sunny Plumber can perform professional water heater repair to address a wide variety of issues. We offer an unconditional 100% guarantee on all our work, and our trained staff can conduct repairs with the safety and efficiency you’d expect from the very best. If you’re looking to install a new water heater or just repair an old one, contact The Sunny Plumber today to set up an appointment.


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How to Tell You Need Kitchen Plumbing Services for Your Scottsdale Home

Friday, August 16th, 2013

The kitchen is one of the most utilized parts of your home. It’s often the place not only where food is cooked, but also where family and friends gather to converse, eat and drink. Today’s kitchen increasingly enjoys double-duty as a place for eating as well as food preparations and there are various plumbing needs that should be taken care of by a professional plumber. Second only to the bathroom in terms of its plumbing needs, your kitchen sink needs to be effective and efficient, and your refrigerator water line, dishwasher, and garbage disposal all need to be integrated into the home’s supply and wastewater disposal piping. With that in mind, you may eventually find yourself in need of professional kitchen plumbing services in Scottsdale.

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Signs You Might Need Professional Installation or Repair Kitchen Plumbing Services:

  • Leak. A leak can occur anywhere water is contained, be it in one of your hot or cold water supply pipes or in a drainpipe that leads to the sewer line. There are both such pipes in your kitchen, and they need to work well at all times. Leaks can lead to significant water damage over time, not to mention the problems that it may pose to your water pressure or the increase in foul odors where you cook your food.
  • Dishwasher won’t drain. If you find that your dishwasher fails to drain, then you need to make sure that you hire a pro to come take a look. This can lead to increased mold growth, foul odors, and possible overflow. It could just be some debris blocking the drainpipe, but it should be handled by a plumber.
  • Garbage disposal installation. A garbage disposal makes a great solution for homeowners who are tired of throwing out so much food only for it to sit in a landfill. A garbage disposal should be installed by a professional so that it works well. A professional plumber can also advise you on best practices for what not to put down your disposal drain.

When you need excellent kitchen plumbing services in Scottsdale, call The Sunny Plumber.

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Common Plumbing Repairs During the Summer

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

During the summer, homeowners think more than ever about water. We need it to stay hydrated, we need it to stay cool, and we need it to stay clean. Most importantly, we need to know that the plumbing system that contains our water supply and disposes of our waste water is intact and working properly. With visiting family and guests, and outdoor activities, summer is a time when we need our plumbing system to be reliable so that we have everything we need. Make sure that your pipes, water heater, and sewer and water lines are well taken care of this summer by calling The Sunny Plumber. And if by chance you may already need a plumbing repair in Phoenix, AZ, then be sure to reach out to The Sunny Plumber.

We can make sure that any plumbing repair needs you may have in Phoenix, AZ are completed professionally. Contact one of our friendly technicians today.

Let’s take a look at some common plumbing repairs you may find yourself needing during the summer:

  • Leaks. Leaks occur anywhere water is contained. Water can seep through your crawlspace walls, through the bathroom sink trap, and out of your shower head. Our service area is incredibly dry, and it’s not only critical to make sure to fix leaks because of your utility bill, but also because of the local ecological community. They can negatively affect your water pressure, and they tend only to get worse over time.
  • Clogs. Short of minor clogs that can be dislodged by a plunger, major clogs can stop up your entire plumbing, especially if they occur deep within the drainpipe system or in the sewer line itself. If you notice that you have multiple clogs simultaneously, it’s probably not a coincidence but rather evidence of a deeper issue that needs professional repair. Routine drain cleaning can help prevent such issues from happening in the first place.
  • Toilet not working. The toilet is one of the most used fixtures in the home, and that means that its parts endure a lot of wear and tear over the course of the year. Summer is the time when you definitely want to avoid plumbing problems at all cost, so make sure you have your toilet looked at should any issues arise. Our technicians are very familiar with all types of toilet repair issues.

Call The Sunny Plumber today for all of your Phoenix, AZ plumbing repair needs.

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Plumbers FAQ: What is a Chemical Feed Pump?

Sunday, August 11th, 2013

Having access to clean water is something that many of us take for granted. While we are privileged to live in a first world country, there are still areas that don’t have clean water coming into their homes. It could be that your home is on a piece of property with a well or that the area that you live in doesn’t have clean water. Either way, keeping your home’s water supply pure is a top priority. That’s where chemical feed pumps come in. We have years of experience working with all kinds of plumbing components including chemical feed pumps. Here’s a quick explanation of what they are and how they work.

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What Are Chemical Feed Pumps?

It may come as a shock to many homeowners, but not everyone in this country has access to clean, drinkable water. For homes that get their water from a well, there can be a variety of contaminants in it that have leeched into the water supply. Petroleum products, fertilizer, pesticides, paint residue, grey water can all contaminant the water table where some people get their water.

In those cases, a powerful filtering system is needed to make the water potable. Chemical feeds pumps do just that. For homes with a well, the chemical pump sits between the well and the home’s faucets. The feed pump distributes the appropriate chemicals into the water that neutralize the contaminants and improve the quality of the water. The amount of chemicals that the pump distributes is usually automatically determined by the rate of flow of the water from the well to the home.

Why Work With a Professional Plumber in Phoenix

When it comes to the quality of water in your home, you don’t want to sacrifice on the installation or operation of your chemical feed pump. If the water coming into your home is contaminated in any way, make sure that you call The Sunny Plumber. We offer water testing, which is critical in order to establish what types of contaminants are in your home’s water supply. We can also help you find a terrific chemical feed pump that matches your home’s needs, your water purification needs and your budget. Call us today to talk with one of our plumbers in Phoenix.

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